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Get started    
  Welcome to UFT Pro (LeanFT)  

Describes LeanFT and takes you through an end-to-end LeanFT testing scenario

  What's new in UFT Pro (LeanFT) 14.01   Learn about new features in this release
  UFT Pro (LeanFT) installation How to install LeanFT
  UFT Pro (LeanFT) licensing   How to manage LeanFT licenses
  Cross-platform feature support   Learn about supported features on Windows, Linux, and Mac environments


  • LeanFT runtime engine, including add-ins, connections, and security settings
  • Browsers and browser controls for LeanFT testing
  • Settings for a specific test, including report options
  • Properties used to learn test objects
  • The port that LeanFT uses (if necessary)
  • Ports for multiple LeanFT sessions
      Browse FAQs asked by both basic and advanced users
  Tutorial   Guides you through using LeanFT to automate and test scenarios in HPE's Advantage Online Shopping demo web site

Includes LeanFT system requirements and security information.

  LeanFT test projects  

Use the built-in NUnit or MSTest project templates in Visual Studio

Use JUnit or TestNG project templates, including Maven-based templates, in Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA

  Verifications   Check the behavior and appearance of your application
  Object Identification Center (OIC)   Spy on objects, edit object descriptions, and generate code for your tests
  Application models   Create application models to separate object maintenance from your testing code
  Add SDK test object steps to your tests   Basics of using the LeanFT SDK
  Run LeanFT tests  

Basics of running LeanFT tests

  Analyze run results   Customize, view, and share the run results report
  Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting  

Browse LeanFT tips relevant for all AUT technologies, and troubleshoot issues that come up while using LeanFT

  Known issues   Known issues in LeanFT 14.01
  .NET SDK Reference and code samples (Windows only)   SDK reference and examples of common testing operations (C#)
  Java SDK Reference and code samples  

SDK reference and examples of common testing operations (Java)

  JavaScript SDK and code samples  

SDK reference and examples of common testing operations (JavaScript)


LeanFT Selenium SDK (Java)

  Extends the LeanFT SDK for working with Selenium in Java
  Demo applications for code samples   Demo applications used in the SDK code samples
  Access native objects, methods, and properties  

Use when the available methods and properties are not sufficient


Device level operations (Windows only)

  Send a variety of mouse and keyboard events to your application using the Mouse and Keyboard classes

Use Insight image-based identification (Windows only)

  Identify objects based on their appearance instead of property values
  Run parallel tests in LeanFT   Run multiple tests or a test with multiple data sets in parallel on the same host machine
  Run tests remotely   Run your tests remote

Run tests on terminal emulators (Windows only)

  Use the Terminal Emulator add-in to test an application on a terminal emulator

LeanFT reference for UFT experts (Windows only)


Reference for users migrating from UFT

  Use your own frameworks with LeanFT   Work with LeanFT using your own frameworks using LeanFT's templates as a basis, or even building your project from scratch
  Programmatic definition of VRI   Create a VRI definition programmatically (C#)

ALM and BPT Integration (Windows only)


Configure the LeanFT host computer for ALM runs

  LeanFT-Mobile Center  

Connect to Mobile Center to run LeanFT tests on mobile apps


UFT-API testing (Windows only)

  Run UFT API tests
  CI Integration   Run LeanFT tests in Jenkins or other CI systems
  LeanFT with Cucumber   Create a test using the Cucumber test framework

LeanFT for Selenium

  Create Selenium Java tests in LeanFT.
  Video: Introducing LeanFT   Learn how you can use LeanFT to create automated tests in standard developments IDEs
  Video: LeanFT - The Object Identification Center  

Learn how to spy on objects in your application and generate SDK code

  Video: LeanFT Application Models   Learn how to create an application model and use test objects
  Video gallery   See the Video gallery for more videos
Other references    
  Product Availability Matrix  

A complete list of supported integrations and product versions

Requires an HPE Passport and support contract