What's new in UFT Pro (LeanFT) 14.01

Version 14.01 of LeanFT includes the following new features and enhancements.

Try out our new test recorder

You can now record LeanFT tests for Web applications. Accelerate your test creation and improve your learning curve with this easy-to-use tool.

Record. Review. Generate.

To learn more, see Test Recorder.

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Execute LeanFT tests in the cloud using HPE StormRunner Functional

Extend your local lab to the cloud. Execute LeanFT Web and mobile tests on environments and devices provisioned by StormRunner Functional.

Get all the benefits that LeanFT has to offer without the hassle of maintaining environments, machines, or devices.

To learn more, see StormRunner Functional Integration.

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Dockerize LeanFT

Step into the world of Docker containers and reap the benefits:

Zero installation. You don't need to set up a LeanFT machine to run a LeanFT test.

Background execution. Run your tests in the background, in a Docker container, and continue to work without distraction.

Execution box. Using one simple command you can run the Docker image, the test, and close the container when the test is done.

CI/CD readiness. Easily integrate LeanFT Docker container into your CI/CD process.

To learn more, see Run tests in Docker containers.

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Use LeanFT tests for performance testing

LeanFT scripts can now be executed as part of a performance test, enabling you to reuse functional tests, reduce scripting effort, and sync your functional and performance testing efforts.

To learn more, see StormRunner Load integration.

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Core functionality enhancements


Use our new reportVerification method in the Reporter class to create custom verifications and add them to your test report.

To learn more, see Create custom verifications and display them in the test report.

Enhanced VRI support

In some cases, Visual Relation Identifiers (VRI) are the most efficient way to identify objects. In this release we have extended VRI support to include Mac and Linux environments, as well as for Identifying objects on mobile applications.

To learn more, see Use Visual Relation Identifiers (VRIs).

New API for launching desktop applications

You can write test code to launch a desktop application using the launchAut method either locally or remotely. This method is available in all LeanFT SDKs.

To learn more, see Run desktop applications using LeanFT SDK.

Application models to object repositories conversion tool

In this version, we've added a command line utility that easily converts LeanFT applications models to UFT object repositories.

To learn more, see Convert LeanFT application models to UFT object repositories.

New LeanFT plugin for Visual Studio 2017 and IntelliJ 2017

For more details, see our Product Availability Matrix.

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Mobile testing enhancements

Mobile test design on Mac and Linux

You can now design tests for mobile on Mac and Linux. Mobile Center is easily accessible from your IDE toolbar.

To learn more, see LeanFT and Mobile Center.

New mobile testing APIs

We've added the following APIs to the LeanFT SDKs: UnInstall, Kill, SendKey, and SendString.

Use Uninstall and Kill to uninstall or close applications in your test. To learn more, see the.NET, Java, and JavaScript SDK references.

SendString and SendKey simulate keyboard usage. To learn more, see .NET, Java, and JavaScript SDK references.

VRI support

See Enhanced VRI support.

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LeanFT for Selenium enhancements

Now supported also for JavaScript

The JavaScript SDK extends the WebDriver APIs with additional locators and utilities. By using this SDK you can create more robust or generic identifications for your objects, and use built-in utilities rather than write them yourself from scratch.

To learn more, see LeanFT for Selenium SDK (JavaScript).

New locators

We've enhanced our LeanFT for Selenium SDKs by adding the IsVisible locator, as well as support for regular expressions for the attributes and styles locators.

To learn more, see:

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