UFT Pro (LeanFT) .NET SDK Reference, Version 14.00
HP.LFT.Report Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy

Provides the SDK for controlling and customizing the content of the LeanFT report.

ClassReportConfiguration The class used for configuring the LeanFT report.
ClassReporter Provides the means to report custom events, additional data, and configuration for the report. This class cannot be inherited.
ClassReportException The exceptions thrown when errors occur in Reporter objects.
InterfaceIReportConfiguration A configuration that can be used for overriding the default LeanFT report behavior or extending its capabilities.
InterfaceIReporter Accesses the LeanFT HTML Report.
EnumerationCaptureLevel The possible levels for capturing snapshots for the report.
EnumerationReportLevel The possible levels for reporting events to the LeanFT Report.
EnumerationStatus The possible statuses of an event reported to the LeanFT report.
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