Customize test settings

The settings defined in the test settings file (App.config or leanft.project) referenced by your testing project, control preferences such as connection to the LeanFT runtime server and LeanFT Report options.

When you create a new LeanFT testing project (NUnit, MSTest, JUnit, or TestNG), the default test settings file is automatically included in the project. In many cases, you can keep the defaults.

However, if you need to modify the defaults, open the test settings file and modify the options you want to set. Some options are commented out by default. If you are uncommenting an option, make sure to uncomment the relevant setting as well.

Content of the test settings file

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Deploy the settings in the project's settings file

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Externally maintained test setting files

If you want to use the same settings for all or many of your testing projects, it can be useful to maintain a single test settings file and supply that external configuration to all relevant testing projects.

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