Run parallel tests in LeanFT

Rather than waiting for each test to execute individually, you can run multiple tests in parallel on the same host machine. In this way, more tests can be run at a time, thereby decreasing overall time spent on testing. You can also run a test with multiple data sets in parallel on the same host machine.

You can run parallel testing on:

  • Native and hybrid mobile applications
  • SAPUI5-based applications
  • Web applications in the following browsers:

    Browser Window Linux
    Mac Mobile
    Google Chrome
    Google Chrome (on Android)


    N/A N/A
    Mozilla Firefox

    Safari (on iOS) N/A N/A

Create and run your tests in a unit testing framework that supports running tests in parallel. LeanFT supports TestNG and NUnit 3, but you can also use a custom framework that launches tests in parallel.


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