Customize LeanFT runtime engine settings

The LeanFT runtime engine is used for the Object Identification Center (OIC) and Application Model editor, and when running LeanFT tests.

The LeanFT icon is displayed in the task bar and consumes a license as long as the engine is active. Hover over the icon to display version information.

Customize the runtime engine

You can configure most of the LeanFT runtime engine settings, such as the technology add-in support to load, the connection port, Mobile Center connection information, and other connection settings in the LeanFT Settings dialog box.

If you are running LeanFT tests on remote computers, you must also set the relevant security connection options. These are set in an XML file as described in Run tests remotely.

Activate the runtime engine

Activate the LeanFT runtime engine in one of the following ways:

Mode Activation
In the IDE

From the LeanFT menu, select Enable LeanFT

Tip: The engine is automatically activated when you open your IDE with the LeanFT plugin for the first time.

Start menu (Windows only) Select LeanFT Runtime
Command line

Windows: LFTRuntime.exe

Linux: Change directory to <LeanFT installation>/bin, and run ./leanft

Mac: From the LeanFT installation directory, run ./leanft

Deactivate the runtime engine

Mode Deactivation
In the IDE From the LeanFT menu, select Disable LeanFT
Task Bar / Start menu (Windows only) Right-click the icon in the task bar and select Exit

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