What's new in UFT Pro (LeanFT) 14.00

LeanFT is now supported on Linux and Mac

You can now create and run your LeanFT tests on Linux and Mac environments.

Support includes:

  • Designing LeanFT tests for web applications in Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA using the LeanFT IDE plugin (including the Object Identification Center, Application Models, and more)
  • Automating web and mobile applications using the LeanFT Java and JavaScript SDKs
  • Running LeanFT Web, SAPUI5, and mobile tests and reviewing the results in the LeanFT run report
  • Automating and running web application tests on the Safari browser (on Mac)

For a list of use cases that are not yet or are partly supported in Linux and Mac, see Cross-platform feature support.

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LeanFT support for Selenium for improved Web automation

LeanFT now embraces Selenium, a leading open-source solution, by simplifying and improving its test creation and maintenance.

LeanFT support for Selenium includes:

  • IDE templates for Selenium-based projects in Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA
  • An extended Selenium Java SDK with additional locators and utilities
  • A Selenium-specific Object Identification Center for creating robust WebDriver-based identifications easily and efficiently

For more details, see LeanFT for Selenium.

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Parallel test execution

We've extended our parallel testing capabilities to include the following scenarios:

  • Mobile web browsers: Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android

  • On PhantomJS

  • SAPUI5 applications

For more details, see Run parallel tests in LeanFT.

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LeanFT licensing changes

With version 14.00, LeanFT is consolidated under the UFT brand umbrella, which includes the following license editions:

  • UFT Ultimate
  • UFT Enterprise
  • UFT Pro (LeanFT)

This change does not affect the functionality entitlement of your existing licenses. For more details, see our main product page at https://saas.hpe.com/software/uft.

When upgrading to 14.00, both UFT and LeanFT licenses are automatically renamed to the new editions.

Additionally, LeanFT now supports using the UFT Runtime Engine license to run your LeanFT tests.

For more details, see UFT Pro (LeanFT) licensing and License editions.

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Terminal Emulator support

LeanFT can now test terminal emulators.

The Terminal Emulator Add-in provides test objects, methods, and properties, which can be used when testing applications (controls) on terminal emulators.

For more information, see Run tests on terminal emulators (Windows only).

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JavaScript SDK enhancements

In addition to automating web and mobile applications, the LeanFT JavaScript SDK can now be used to automate applications of all of the technologies supported by LeanFT.

For details, see the JavaScript SDK Reference and the LeanFT JavaScript code samples.

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