Insight code sample

Identify and activate an image object

The following example uses Insight to identify and activate an image object, and clicks the 2 button on the calculator.

To run this test:

  • The calculator application must be open; and
  • A bitmap of button number 2 on the calculator must be stored on the directory in which the test is running.
import java.awt.image.RenderedImage;
import javax.imageio.ImageIO;
import com.hp.lft.sdk.insight.InsightDescription;
import com.hp.lft.sdk.insight.InsightObject;
import com.hp.lft.sdk.stdwin.*;
public void TestCalcWithInsight()
	var calculatorDescription = new WindowDescription
		WindowClassRegExp = "CalcFrame",
		WindowTitleRegExp = "Calculator"
	// Identify the calculator application.
	IWindow calculator = Desktop.Describe<IWindow>(calculatorDescription); 
	// Locate the bitmap.
	string bitmapFolder = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + "\\TwoButton.bmp";
	Image image = Image.FromFile(bitmapFolder);
	var twoButton = calculator.Describe<IInsightObject>;(new InsightDescription(image));
	twoButton.ClickSpecial(); //Click the number "2" button.	

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