Run your LeanFT test in ALM

Before you run your test

Before you schedule or run tests or test sets, ensure that you have configured the host computer where you will run the tests. For details, see Configure the LeanFT host computer.

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Run your test

In the Test Lab tab, add the configuration of the test and select the instances you want to include in your run. Then run your test as you would any ALM test.

  1. Create a test set.

  2. Add your test to the test set.

  3. Run the test set.

  4. In the Automatic Runner dialog box, select the host.

    • Run on the local host

    • Select another host machine.

  5. Run the test.

  6. Wait for the test to run until completion.

Note: While a test or test set is running, the LeanFT runtime engine consumes a single LeanFT license.

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View the test results

At the end of a test run, the status (passed or failed) of the test's last run is displayed in ALM's Execution grid.

The Report tab displays details about the test and a link to the report.

For LeanFT tests, a zip file containing the LeanFT report and all images is accessible from the Attachments tab.

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